BP Site Portfolio Management

bp-site-1 bp-site-2Due to the overwhelming success at closing and optimizing environmental contamination cases in California, BP awarded INNOVEX with a portfolio of petroleum impacted sites in Washington. In addition to acting as the consultant of record for BP, INNOVEX was charged with the development of a life-cycle management strategy to move the cases toward environmental closure as rapidly as possible.

To achieve BP’s objective, INNOVEX worked with BP to enter all of their sites into a Technical Assistance Agreement with the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology). Under this innovative partnership approach with Ecology, each of the sites was enrolled in the Voluntary Cleanup Program, and a single Ecology case manager was assigned to the portfolio. By developing a good working relationship and enhancing communication with the Ecology case manager, INNOVEX is able to perform site investigation and remediation in an efficient and timely manner, and ensure that expectations are met or exceeded.

The Technical Assistance Agreement encompasses 16 BP sites at various stages of site investigation and cleanup. Within the next year, INNOVEX expects to perform site investigation activities at five sites, move four sites into active remediation, perform interim remedial actions at one site, and move three sites to closure, obtaining No Further Action determinations from Ecology. The project is ongoing, with an annual budget of approximately $2 million/year.