Highway Widening Project

Gilroy, CA  INNOVEX was retained to perform storm water compliance activities for the Cal-Trans Highway 152 Road Widening Project near Gilroy, California. Project components included the preparation of a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) for a risk level 2 project encompassing approximately 13.5 acres. The SWPPP included development of a construction site storm water monitoring program identifying appropriate Best Management Practice (BMP) pollution controls for non-storm water runoff and storm water run-on/runoff, and identifying locations for storm water sampling. Innovex also prepared Rain Event Action Plans (REAP) which included pre-storm event construction site visual monitoring inspections, and preparation of REAP reports documenting visual inspection findings and storm water management recommendations. Also as part of the project Innovex prepared Project Storm Water Annual reports summarizing all storm water related erosion control site management during construction and upon construction completion.

Areal Map for Hwy 152