Orphaned UST Removal Project, BP Americas Everett, WA

Orphaned UST Removal Project, BP AmericasEVERETT, WA  INNOVEX served as the prime contractor, owner’s representative and project manager to design and implement complex removal actions involving underground storage tanks and contaminated soil of unknown origin or character. BP Americas had identified apparent USTs at a former facility in Everett, WA; however, no records regarding the nature or content of the USTs were identified. Complicating matters, City of Everett right of way improvements had extended over the top of one of the USTs. INNOVEX designed, permitted, and directed the site preparation, safety and security, removal of two USTs, in-place closure of one UST, characterization of contents and the removal and disposal of over 750 tons of contaminated soil and debris.

The Project was a medium size remediation project in a highly visible urban environment, requiring extensive coordination with land-owners, regulators, and the City. It was a very complex assignment because there were no records regarding the nature, extent, or contents of USTs. Further, a number of design studies were needed to identify site conditions and develop remediation specifications and safety documentation. These included geotechnical, waste characterization, groundwater investigations, and soil studies.

After completing the in-place closure of one UST and removal of a second, a third, unknown UST was encountered. INNOVEX quickly identified response actions that allowed the construction team to keep working while change orders were negotiated. INNOVEX management staff proactively worked with BP managers to ensure all revised plans and change orders were processed in time to recommence construction with no significant delay or incurred standby time.